Embedded Software IP & Technology Transfer in Power Electronics Applications

Xilinx FPGA for Solar Power Inverter applications

Many factors are currently pushing toward a technolgy-shift in power generation management :

– expected long-term increase of energy prices

– increase of green regulations such as the Kyoto protocol

– public pressure and customer awareness toward clean energy

– decrease of cheap oil ressources

– increase of world population and increase of the quality of life

– smart grid, etc…

It is well known that flexible-hardware characteristics of FPGAs is giving more freedom to designers to push their designs to the limits of their applications, hence generating or delivering a maximum amount of Watts in an enhanced system operating range. This is what a team of Jamshedpur, India, attempted to do in recent works on Solar Power inverter applications presented in this article :

In the present study, the Pulse width modulated (PWM) adaptive intelligent Power converter (inverter) has been designed and developed where the input DC power stored in the battery bank obtained through PV and/or Grid sources, has been digitized to produce a sequence of PWM pulses (approximate to a sine wave) at the output of power converter and deliver power to the load.”

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