Embedded Software IP & Technology Transfer in Power Electronics Applications

PE-FPGA.com is now evolving to PE-IP.com!

I have been very busy in the last months and unfortunately I have not been able to update my blog properly. But while the months were passing I was thinking about the positionning of this blog originally towards “FPGA in power electronics applications” and was wondering how it could evolve to also discuss about other aspects of power electronics engineering that are not necessarily related to FPGA/PLD devices.

The result of this process is to evolve this blog on Intellectual Property (IP) related to power electronics: not in the legal sense of course but on the “software” sense. Power electronics systems are roughly composed of three things: (1) one or many power electronics devices, (2) a load connected to the output of those devices (such as an electric motor for example) and (3) an electronic circuit connected to the input of those devices to manage their proper triggering (and for other purposes of course such as to interface with load-related sensors such as motor speed sensor for example). Somehow, this electronic circuit has an electronic device on which runs a control software which implements a particular control technique to achieved the desired system performance. This is what I mean by IP.

Hence, power electronics (embedded) software / IP is now the main focus of this blog and this is something that has three fundamental dimensions (see figure below, my excuses to purists on the “roughness” of this figure) :

(1) the device on which it runs (DSP, MCU, FPGA)

(2) the control techniques it implements and

(3) the software engineering techniques used for its design, packaging & delivery (internal or external user).


Being fundamentally a software engineer, I have a particular interest in (3) and this should to be the main contributution of this blog in the future. Electric machines, power electronics and digital electronics and three distinct field of expertise of “electrical engineering” but as anything else, those fields are currently being re-thought with a “software” mindset. Most advancements in the field today are related to software (electric field simulation and real-time motor drive simulation are a good examples) .

Concerning the URL of the site: PE-IP.com is going to be the new site URL but you can still access it from PE-FPGA.com if you prefer !

Thanks for reading ! If you have any question, please contact me via Twitter.

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