Embedded Software IP & Technology Transfer in Power Electronics Applications

Why developing power electronics embedded software is so hard ?

Here is a figure I did use in a recent presentation explaining why power electronics software is so hard to develop: Hence, in order to create quality embedded software for power electronics applications, one must have advanced knowledge on … [Continue reading]

IEEE Industrial Electronics Society launches its TechNews (ITeN)

I am now a proud member of the editorial committee of the new IEEE IES ITeN : "The IE Technology News (ITeN) is a step forward to widen the reach of the IES by a free on-line publication. This provides the extended abstracts of a few timely, thought … [Continue reading]

FPGA-based Motor Control and Motor Control Software IP – A review of 2012

Here is my review of the main events that have happened in 2012 in the world of FPGA-based motor control and Motor Control Software IP. A new kit from Microsemi and Trinamic In February, Microsemi and Trinamic did release their new Motor … [Continue reading]

IP for FPGAs: What Does the Future Hold?

Warren Miller has recently posted a series of articles on All Programmable Planet website titled "IP for FPGAs: What Does the Future Hold ?". I took time to add my two-cents in the conversation: "Hi Warren and congrats for this excellent series of … [Continue reading]

FPGA-based Custom Motor Drives Design: The Role of 3rd-party System-Level IP

For those who didn’t have the chance to be at the annual IEEE Industrial Electronics Conference (IECON) 2012 conference in Montréal, Qc last week, you may have a look at the slides of my presentation : I take this opportunity to thank the … [Continue reading]

Electric motor power savings: The true impact of the device selection

It's been a while that I want to write a post to discuss about the real impact of the electronic/semiconductor device selection on the energy consumption of electric motor-driven systems.  It seems that every chip on the market has capabilities for … [Continue reading]

PE-FPGA.com is now evolving to PE-IP.com!

I have been very busy in the last months and unfortunately I have not been able to update my blog properly. But while the months were passing I was thinking about the positionning of this blog originally towards "FPGA in power electronics … [Continue reading]

IECON2012: Electronic System on Chip & Real Time Embedded Control

The 38th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON) is going to be held in Montreal, Canada on October 25-28th 2012 ! Topics of this conference are (not limited to) : - Power electronics and energy conversion - Renable … [Continue reading]

FPGA-based motor control – A Review of 2011

To begin 2012, let's recap major events/announcements that have been made in the exciting world of FPGA-based motor control during 2011: FPGA vendors In March, Microsemi announced its new Industrial Ecosystem for SmartFusion Intelligent Mixed … [Continue reading]

Special Session: FPGA for Industrial Control Systems – 21th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE2012)

For those of you interested in presentating your advancements in the development of FPGA-based control systems, a Special Session on the topic of "FPGA for Industrial Control Systems" is going to be held at the 21th IEEE International Symposium on … [Continue reading]