Embedded Software IP & Technology Transfer in Power Electronics Applications

IEEE Industrial Electronics Society launches its TechNews (ITeN)

I am now a proud member of the editorial committee of the new IEEE IES ITeN : "The IE Technology News (ITeN) is a step forward to widen the reach of the IES by a free on-line publication. This provides the extended abstracts of a few timely, thought … [Continue reading]

FPGA-based Motor Control and Motor Control Software IP – A review of 2012

Here is my review of the main events that have happened in 2012 in the world of FPGA-based motor control and Motor Control Software IP. A new kit from Microsemi and Trinamic In February, Microsemi and Trinamic did release their new Motor … [Continue reading]

IP for FPGAs: What Does the Future Hold?

Warren Miller has recently posted a series of articles on All Programmable Planet website titled "IP for FPGAs: What Does the Future Hold ?". I took time to add my two-cents in the conversation: "Hi Warren and congrats for this excellent series of … [Continue reading]

FPGA-based Custom Motor Drives Design: The Role of 3rd-party System-Level IP

For those who didn’t have the chance to be at the annual IEEE Industrial Electronics Conference (IECON) 2012 conference in Montréal, Qc last week, you may have a look at the slides of my presentation : I take this opportunity to thank the … [Continue reading]

Electric motor power savings: The true impact of the device selection

It's been a while that I want to write a post to discuss about the real impact of the electronic/semiconductor device selection on the energy consumption of electric motor-driven systems.  It seems that every chip on the market has capabilities for … [Continue reading]

PE-FPGA.com is now evolving to PE-IP.com!

I have been very busy in the last months and unfortunately I have not been able to update my blog properly. But while the months were passing I was thinking about the positionning of this blog originally towards "FPGA in power electronics … [Continue reading]

IECON2012: Electronic System on Chip & Real Time Embedded Control

The 38th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON) is going to be held in Montreal, Canada on October 25-28th 2012 ! Topics of this conference are (not limited to) : - Power electronics and energy conversion - Renable … [Continue reading]

FPGA-based motor control – A Review of 2011

To begin 2012, let's recap major events/announcements that have been made in the exciting world of FPGA-based motor control during 2011: FPGA vendors In March, Microsemi announced its new Industrial Ecosystem for SmartFusion Intelligent Mixed … [Continue reading]

Special Session: FPGA for Industrial Control Systems – 21th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE2012)

For those of you interested in presentating your advancements in the development of FPGA-based control systems, a Special Session on the topic of "FPGA for Industrial Control Systems" is going to be held at the 21th IEEE International Symposium on … [Continue reading]

FPGA-based Controllers – IEEE Industrial Electronics Mazagine March 2011

Another great 'survey' article has been written by Dr. Éric Monmasson and his team and published in the IEEE Industrial Electronics Magazine of March 2011 and titled 'FPGA-based Controllers - Different Perspectives of Power Electronics and Drives … [Continue reading]