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OPAL-RT Realtime 2009 Conference in Montréal

I am just arriving from attending OPAL-RT’s RealTime 2009 Conference held in Montreal from August 30th-September 2th. People from all around the world gathered to this conference to share experience using OPAL-RT RealTime Simulators, to give new perspectives of this technology or simply to learn more about this kind of products. Many industries/applications were represented : power systems, aerospace, automotive, industrial motor drives, wind turbines, etc. To know more about OPAL-RT technology, please read one of my previous post .

OPAL-RT Demonstration at RealTime 2009

Source : OPAL-RT

On the picture above (click to enlarge), Philippe Venne from OPAL-RT (on the right side) is presenting a real time simulation demontration of a 17 wind turbine wind farm to Frédéric Colas from Université de Lille (France). The experiment running on the picture (from the simulator located on the left side of the screen) is a short-circuit from phase A to ground at the point of connection of the farm on the network. The graphs on the left are the voltages and currents at the point of connection; the graph on the top right is the torque of the wind turbine rotor during the fault. Finally, the graph on the bottom right is the DC bus voltage during the fault.

Many other hand-on demonstration were presented on various topic of applications. It looks very promising for RealTime 2010 conference.

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