Embedded Software IP & Technology Transfer in Power Electronics Applications

IEEE Trans. on Industrial Electronics – Special Issue on FPGA in Industrial Control Systems

The famous IEEE journal on Industrial Electronics decided to relase a special issue in August 2007 on the subject of FPGA in industrial control systems. This issue presents 12 different articles describing different aspects of FPGA-based system design for this type of applications: from design of PID controllers, current controller design to fuzzy controllers design.

One great article from this issue is the one from Monmasson & Cirstea. This is article gives an excellent overview of the new possibilities of FPGA in power electronics system design in terms of increased performance and methodology. The authors also show a brief FPGA-based direct torque control design example using the Xilinx System Generator tool.

This special issue received a great amount of success and it can be expected to have another one in a near future.

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