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IEEE Industrial Electronics Society launches its TechNews (ITeN)

I am now a proud member of the editorial committee of the new IEEE IES ITeN :

The IE Technology News (ITeN) is a step forward to widen the reach of the IES by a free on-line publication. This provides the extended abstracts of a few timely, thought provoking articles from IES transactions, magazine and conference proceedings periodically. In addition, it also aims to report important society news, announcement and summaries of IES-conferences, brief outline of interesting tutorials (from IES-conferences) and promote activities of Technical Committees.  ITeN is supported by an editorial board with domain-experts from academia and industries and Technical Committees (through Chairs and Vice-Chairs) of IES.”

Click here to access ITeN on IES website.

Who can nominate a Paper to ITeN?

  • ALL Associate Editors of ITeN. This is the main job of AEs. They will check a potential paper (from TIE, TII, IEM and all IES sponsored conferences) in their areas and nominate a good one to the EIC,
  • Advisors, all past officers, all major award winners of IES, all AEs of TIE, TII and IEM
  • All General Chairs, Technical Program Chairs, Technical Track Chairs, SS Chairs and SS Organizers can nominate a conference paper
  • Self-nomination is not allowed.

You would like to submit a paper to ITeN ? Please let me know !


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