Embedded Software IP & Technology Transfer in Power Electronics Applications

IEEE IECON 2017: Call for Papers

Call-for-Papers – 2017 43rd Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON 2017)
October 29- November 1, 2017, Beijing, China.


Dear Colleagues, you are cordially invited to submit your contributions to IECON 2017, to be held on October 29-November 1, 2017 in Beijing, China.

IECON 2017 focuses on industrial and manufacturing theory and applications of electronics, controls, communications, instrumentation, and computational intelligence. The objectives of the conference are to provide high quality research and professional interactions for the advancement of science, technology and fellowship. The main features of the conference include Plenary Speeches, Invited Talks, Regular Sessions, Special Sessions, Tutorials, Industry Forum, Student & Young Professionals Forum, covering a wide range of fields in Energy, Control, Mechatronics and Robotics, and Information and Communication Technologies.

The world’s industry, researchers and academia are cordially invited to participate in this exciting event and enjoy the wonderful city of Beijing – the heart of China, for its beauty, history and hospitality. Important dates:

  • Special Session Proposals: 15 February 2017
  • Contributed Papers: 17 April 2017
  • Tutorial Proposals: 15 May 2017
  • Notification of Acceptance: 3 July 2017
  • Final Submission Due: 15 August 2017
  • Early Registration Closes: 15 August 2017

Welcome and look forward to receiving your contributions and attendance to the IECON 2017!

General Co-Chairs, IECON 2017
Xinghuo Yu, Jinhu Lu, Kamal Al-Haddad, Luis Gomes

Program Co-Chairs, IECON 2017
Huijun Gao, Juan J. Rodriguez-Andina, Mariusz Malinowski, Yousef Ibrahim, Milos Manic, Yin Shen

ICIT2017 Next March 2017 in Toronto (Canada): Call for Paper


Click here to access ICIT2017 website

Paper Submission: Prospective authors are invited to electronically submit regular papers of their work in English. Accepted and presented papers will be published in the conference proceedings, and submitted for inclusion in IEEE Xplore on‐line digital library.

Topics: The scope of the conference will cover, but will not be limited to, the following topics:

New Technologies for Electric Transportation
Electric Energy Storage Systems
Control Systems, Robotics and Mechatronics
Power Systems and the Smart Grid
Renewable Energy Systems and Smart Grid
Sensors, Actuators and Micro-nanotechnology
Cloud Computing, Big Data and Software Engineering
Signal and Image Processing and Computational Intelligence
Electronic System on Chip and Embedded Control
Electrical Machines and Drives
Industrial Automation, Communication, Networking and Informatics
Special Sessions: More than 30 Special Sessions on specific, emerging topics are being organized during the conference, and are open for submission.

Important dates:
a) Deadline Full Paper Submission: Dec. 15th (EST) , 2016
b) Acceptance Notification: Jan. 15th , 2017
c) Final Submission and Registration: Feb. 15th , 2017

IECON2014 – Call for Papers – Electronic System-on-Chip for Power Electronics Applications



Special Session on:  Electronic System-on-chip in power electronics applications

 organized and co-chaired by:

Dr. Marc Perron, marc.perron@alizem.com

Dr. Éric Monmasson, eric.monmasson@u-cergy.fr

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

1) FPGA/DSP/MCU-based embedded system design for power electronics applications such as motor drives and solar power conversion systems

2) Real-time simulation of power electronics applications

3) Embedded software development and Intellectual Property (IP)

4) EDA tools used in the development of power electronics applications

 Submission of papers:  Final Deadline           May 19th, 2014

 All the instructions for paper submission are included in the conference website:


ISIE 2014 – Special Session on “Industrial Applications of FPGAs and Embedded Systems”


 ISIE 2014 – IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics

June 1-4, 2014, Istanbul, Turkey

Website: http://www.isie.boun.edu.tr

Call for papers: Special Session on Industrial Applications of FPGAs & Embedded Systems

The Special Session seeks papers describing original research or application aspects of FPGAs and Embedded Systems in the area of industrial electronics. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

– Design and test/debug methodologies for ES/SoC
– Architectures for ES
– Reconfigurable platforms
– Embedded software development
– Formal methods and ES design
– Industrial experiences
– Case studies

All the instructions for paper submission are included at the conference website: http://www.isie.boun.edu.tr/

Submission deadline (extended): 30 December 2013
It is possible to accommodate an extension of some extra days if authors contact organizers in advance. Special Session Organizers:

Luis Gomes (lugo@fct.unl.pt)
Juan J. Rodriguez-Andina (jjrdguez@uvigo.es)

IECON2013: Electronics System-on-Chip in Power Applications


Are you registered for the next IECON2013 in Vienna ? It’s still time to plan your trip !

If you happen to be there, I invite you to attend the Technical Session on Electronic System-on-chip in Power Application that I will chair with Dr. Éric Monmasson. Here is the program:

TT04 1 – Electronics System-on-Chip in Power Applications

Room: D – 358 / 359 , Day: Wednesday 13th of November. Hour: 08:30, Duration: 120 minutes.  Chair/s: Eric Monmasson, Marc Perron.

Hour: 08:30

Title: Industrial Electronic Control: FPGAs and Embedded Systems Solutions
Prof. Luis Gomes, Univ. Nova Lisboa, Portugal
Prof. Eric Monmasson, University of Cergy-Pontoise, France
Prof. Marcian Cirstea, Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom
Prof. Juan J. Rodriguez-Andina, Universidad Vigo, Spain

Hour: 08:50
Title: Real-Time Embedded Control for Point-On-Wave Switching
Dr. Anton Poeltl, Abb, USA

Hour: 09:10
Title: Medium Voltage 6-pulse Current Source Rectifier with a Novel Shunt Active Power Filter Connection
Dr. Mostafa Hamad, Arab academy for science and technology, Egypt
Dr. Mahmoud Masoud, Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Dr. Khaled Ahmed, University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom
Prof. Barry Williams, University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

Hour: 09:30
Title: Rapid Prototyping Framework for Real-Time Control of Power Electronic Converters Using Simulink
Mr. Bruno dos Santos, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal
Prof. Rui Esteves Araújo, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal
Mr. Diogo Varajão, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal
Mr. Cláudio Pinto, Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal

Hour: 09:50
Title: Comparative of HLS and HDL Implementations of a Grid Synchronization Algorithm.
Mr. Fco. Manuel Sánchez, Alcalá University, Spain
Dr. Raúl Mateos, Alcalá University, Spain
Dr. Emilio J. Bueno, Alcalá University, Spain
Mr. Javier Mingo, Alcalá University, Spain
Mrs. Inés Sanz, Alcalá University, Spain

Hour: 10:10
Title: Sliding Mode Direct Power Control of three-phase PWM boost rectifier using a single DC current sensor
Ms. Marwa Ben Said-Romdhane, Enit, Tunisia
Dr. Mohamed Wissem Naouar, Enit, Tunisia
Prof. Ilhem Slama-Belkhodja, Enit, Tunisia
Prof. Eric Monmasson, Université de Cergy Pontoise, Tunisia

If you plan to be there and want us to meet, just send me a note ! See you there !

FPGA-based Motor Control: “The Brains behind the Motion Controller” Webinar


I will be giving a webinar on the topic of FPGA-based Motor Control on May 30th 2013. Make sure to register by click this link.

Meanwhile, if you have any particular question you would like to be addressed during the Q&A session, feel free to contact me.

I look forward to talk with you on May 30th !

NOTE (June 3rd 2013): You can now here the webinar archive by clicking here.

FPGA-based Custom Motor Drives Design: The Role of 3rd-party System-Level IP

For those who didn’t have the chance to be at the annual IEEE Industrial Electronics Conference (IECON) 2012 conference in Montréal, Qc last week, you may have a look at the slides of my presentation :

I take this opportunity to thank the organizers of the Industry Forum – Michael Condry and Richard Grisel  – for their kind invitation to participate at this conference.

IECON2012: Electronic System on Chip & Real Time Embedded Control

The 38th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society (IECON) is going to be held in Montreal, Canada on October 25-28th 2012 ! Topics of this conference are (not limited to) :

– Power electronics and energy conversion

– Renable Energy & Sustainable Development

– Power Systems

Electronics System-on-chip & Real Time Embedded Control (I chair this one !)

– Signal and Image Processing & Computational Intelligence

– Electrical Machines & Drives

– Control Systems & Applications

– Sensors, Actuators and Systems Integration

– Mechatronics & Robotics

– Factory Automation & Industrial Informatics

Follow this link for the official call for paper :


See you there in october !

FPGA-based motor control – A Review of 2011

To begin 2012, let’s recap major events/announcements that have been made in the exciting world of FPGA-based motor control during 2011:

FPGA vendors

In March, Microsemi announced its new Industrial Ecosystem for SmartFusion Intelligent Mixed Signal FPGAs. This ecosystem is intended to specifically address the following markets/applications: Power Metering and Smart Grid, Motor Control (PMSM, BLDC, Stepper), Human-Machine Interfaces, Displays and Field Devices. A week later, Microsemi announced their comprehensive product portfolio for solar power applications which includes computing devices (SmartFusion) but also analog and switching components (IGBT, diodes, etc.) – which is the logic result of the Microsemi’s acquisition of Actel during fall 2010 (on this thread read this). Unfortunately, no news on the announced SmartFusion-based motor control development kit during the year, but those who did attend APEC 2011 at Forth Worth, TX, have had the chance to have a look at Microsemi’s SmartFusion FPGA-based motor control development kit at Alizem‘s booth:

Microsemi's SmartFusion FPGA-based Motor Control development kit

On Xilinx’s side, 2011 has been an important year with the release of their new ARM-based Zynq devices and also the release of a new Xilinx Spartan6 FPGA-based motor control development kit. The big news regarding Xilinx’s Zynq for FPGA-based motor control designers is that it has integrated A2D converters, an element that’s crucial to advanced motor drives systems. Except Microsemi’s SmartFusion, no FPGA vendor had a device with integrated A2Ds and this was certainly one important point missing against conventionnal devices (DSPs & MCUs) which all have integrated A2Ds for control system applications. According to Xilinx, this new Zynq device is going to be in production by the end of 2012 and it is positionned as a device that’s more than a processor, more than an asic and more than an fpga.

On Altera’s side, a new Motor Control development kit has been released during the summer and based on Arrow’s BeMicro low-cost form factor (145$). This platform is intended as an introductory platform for new comers in FPGA-based embedded system design which may then proceed to more advanced system design using already available Arrow’s MotionFire and EBV’s Falcon Eye Altera FPGA-based motor control development kits. Regarding devices, Altera has also made a move toward ARM-based system with their SoC FPGA and released a specific white paper for motor control using SoC FPGA. On a more educationnal side, Altera has released many publications this year intended specifically to FPGA-based motor control system designers such as 4 reasons why FPGA are right for Motor Control.

While we haven’t hear very much about Lattice in motor control / power electronics apps for a while, 2011 has been an exception with the release of a new LatticeECP3 Versa Development Kit in April. This kit is intended to be used in many computing intensive applications including Solar Panel Controllers and Data Acquisition & Control and also Video Transmission and Repeaters, Video Image Signal Processing, Camera Controllers, Network Traffic Management and Resilient Network Construction.

Motor control “apps” / subsystem IP

Over the years, this blog has published some articles explaining why the concept of “Motor Control IP/apps” – as a way to externalize/outsource motor control expertise – is an innovative and interesting option to motor control system designers to achieve their system performance while reducing cost and time to market (read Motor Control IC vs Motor Control IP and Why FPGAs are better than DSPs for Motor Control ?). I did present a synthesis of those ideas as invited speaker at the e-Drive’s Motor, Drive & Automation System conference in San Antonio, TX, in March and the presentation has now been viewed online more than +1300 times. Those ideas are inline with the concept of “Subsystem IP” which is now perceived as a key part in “Imminent EDA Transformation” and the “Core of Modern Semiconductor Design“. The whole idea of an “apps-store” for embedded systems is now taking reality with the recent launch of the ARM/Avnet Embedded Software Store and also the D&R Embedded: this is probably only the beginning. Hence, ideas from only a couple years ago are definitely taking place and are changing ways to approach the difficult task of embedded system design.

What to expect in 2012?

This is always a tricky question to address but if you follow this blog regularly, you can see a momentum building toward greater adoption of FPGAs as electronic system platform for motor drive systems design and “IPs/Apps” as building blocks for motor drive system designers. Having now the major FPGA companies aligned on this market is definitely a good indicator. Regarding this blog, you may expect some change toward more content on the “IPs/Apps” side (i.e. pure motor control algorithms/software) not only oriented toward FPGA, but also toward other electronic devices on the market. More on this later in 2012…

Meanwhile, thanks for your interest and I wish you success in your power electronics system design in 2012 !

Special Session: FPGA for Industrial Control Systems – 21th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE2012)

For those of you interested in presentating your advancements in the development of FPGA-based control systems, a Special Session on the topic of “FPGA for Industrial Control Systems” is going to be held at the 21th IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE2012) at Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China on May 28-31 2012.

Here’s the link to the SS invitation: