Embedded Software IP & Technology Transfer in Power Electronics Applications


The author of this blog was Dr. Marc Perron, president of Alizem inc. an embedded software IP company specialized in Power Electronics applications and located in the Quebec City (Canada) area. He is also a proud Senior Member of the IEEE, past Chair of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society’s Electronic System-on-chip Committee and now editor-in-chief IEEE Industrial Electronics Technology Transfer news.

Power electronics is one the current broadest world-changing technologies and its development has impacts in almost every part of our life. In the last decades, major improvement in power electronics applications have been led by innovations coming in digital electronics and software technologies. With the recent rise of FPGA as viable embedded computing platform and COTS software IP as a new way to produce and exchange innovation, a new wave of changes is expected in power electronics applications. This blog was meant to be a source of information and ideas about new trends regarding electronic devices and software IP in the exciting world of power electronics and embedded systems.